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"No one loses anyone, because no one owns anyone. That is the true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it"

-  Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

"Indeed our hearts are golden treasures, but a true tragedy would be to conceal your inner gold because you are afraid of someone stealing it or it falling and breaking. There is no love in fear. The great wisdom of the ages always tells us the more we Love the more of it you receive. Love is not a giving or a taking, it is a state of being – a one way street of allowing, accepting and holding a space for all things to be exactly as they are. Fear not that your heart will be broken or stolen. Love becomes love. Give it away with no expectation of return and soon you will be having a love affair with the whole world!"

- Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

The Invitation

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for,
And if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love,
For your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon.
I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow,
If you have been opened by life’s betrayals or
Have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain!

I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own;
If you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you
To the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful,
Be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you’re telling me is true.
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself,
If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.

I want to know if you can see beauty
Even when it is not pretty every day,
And if you can source your life from God’s presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine,
And still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “Yes!”

It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have,
I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair,
Weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done for the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you are, how you came here,
I want to know if you will stand in the center of the Fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied.
I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away,
I want to know if you can be alone with yourself, And if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

- Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Indian Elder

"To love others, we must love ourselves - to love ourselves we must love others. It’s a balance. Too much self-love and we get narcissism; too much loving others and we get co-dependency. And there is the game of Love and life. The first way we can start to love ourselves and others is to stop judging ourselves."

- Mastin Kipp (via The Daily Love)

"love one another"

do you believe in love at first sight?

phiLOLZophy: How Things Can Change



Yes, you can have a goodnight kiss. Not everyone wants you only for what you can offer sexually. Not everyone will only behave intimately towards you when you are five minutes from having sex. Someone very soon will care about you in a way that is distinct from their own needs and will want…

boyfriend for the day. :)
i wouldn’t be who i am, without her. 
thank you, bestie.
(at Trane Studio, Toronto)
Jorma Taccone. ♥
love. :)

“The only remedy for love is to love more.” (Henry David Thoreau)