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This Is Just Great of the Day: Appearing in the latest Target circular is 6-year-old Ryan: A happy, gregarious, photogenic rising star in the world of child modeling — who happens to have Down syndrome. 
Ryan has also appeared in a recent Nordstrom catalog among other clothing ads.
On the Daddyblog of a father whose child also has Down syndrome, Ryan’s mother writes:

The whole process of modeling is an extreme confidance booster for him. He received so much warmth and caring from the Nordstrom crew that he thought they were there just for him! We are honored that Ryan is making the Down syndrome community proud. He is a beautiful boy inside and out. He makes us better parents, and a better family.

[noahsdad / adweek.]
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Looks like it’s time to Netflix Upright Citizens Brigade now that we’ve seen these many different alter egos of Amy Poehler from the show, via NYMag.com.